The Algerian army attacks the Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf. Kill a minor

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The Algerian army attacks the Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf. Kill a minor

Yesterday, Friday November 26, several media linked to the Polisario confirmed that the Algerian army killed a Saharawi child and seriously injured another young man while they were looking for gold in an unlicensed mine in the “Majr” area. al-Zahab ”, near the Tindouf camps, to the east of the so-called“ Dakhla province ”camp.
The attack claimed the life of the child Obaidati Ould Bilal, who died instantly, while the young Feli Ould Baraka, was transferred in serious condition to Tindouf hospital, where he remains in the care unit. intensive. .
This is the second such attack against Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf camp in less than a week. Earlier this week, two civilians were also killed in a shootout against a car carrying fuel near the camps, and a few months ago an Algerian army patrol killed the artisanal miners by setting them on fire in the region of ‘Aouina Balkaraa, near the camp in Dakhla province. , the victims were Ould Kabir Ould Mohamed Ould Al-Markhi and Mohamed Fadel Ould Lamam Ould Shagaibin.
News from the Tindouf camps indicates that the families of the victims refuse to receive their bodies. And they demand the opening of an investigation and the accountability of the perpetrators.
Algerian army shootings have become recurrent in recent times, as the Algerian army does not hesitate to liquidate smugglers and gold diggers in unauthorized mines near the camps, given the economic and social conditions. disastrous conditions in which refugees live in camps.
Saharawi human rights defender Mohamed Salem Abdel-Fattah in a statement to this media, stressed that the “miserable economic and social conditions in which the residents of the camp live are a consequence of the restrictions on freedom of movement and of Algerian politics. by rejecting its obligations related to the rights of refugees, which include the right to work, movement and other freedoms and rights ”.
The activist was surprised at the silence of the militants affiliated with the Polisario on the crimes of the Algerian army, noting that “they did not say a word about the repeated murders of Saharawi civilians by Algerian military elements”. And that “the conditions of the military escalation launched by Algeria and the Polisario have worsened the conditions of the miserable camps”.

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